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    Mar 25, 2008
    Lost ability to get VMWare and Windows XP to use Bluetooth Phone Connection
    Dear Friends,

    I am using a 24" 2.8GHz iMac, running VMWare Fusion and Windows XP SP2. I had recently been uploading some Cisco VPN software on my mac and was having problems uploading the software wirelessly across my Palm Treo 755p mainly from the connection speed. Working with my IT department, we connected the Mac to the net outside the network where I was able to successfully upload the software on the Windows VM.

    Now I have reverted the network connections back to what they were on the Windows VM side and I cant seem to get the VM to recognize the Bluetooth Wireless Internet connection on the iMac itself like it used to.

    I don't have a problem connecting to the internet via my Treo on the OSX side, I posting now from that connection. I'm sure its something simple I'm missing. I have rebooted the VM just in case, problem still exists "Cannot connect to the internet..."

    One note, I had to select "Connect to Network" on the VM to connect to the ethernet connection to download the VPN. It shows disconnected now.

    BTW, we are not supposed to have Macs on the network at this time, so if I need net access, unfortunately at this job site, I have to connect to my Treo via Bluetooth to get on the net. I don't have a wired line to get out to the net of my own at this time. I only need occasional access to my database on the network and that is why i got the VPN connection and its the only way they will let me tag my database.

    This is the last hurdle I have to get the max out of my iMac and consolidate down to one computer.

    Any suggestions are truly welcome.


    2 - 24" iMac 2.8GHz 500GB HDD
    MBP coming soon

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    Mar 25, 2008
    Sometimes you just have to back up and punt...
    Well, before I got too involved, I decided to start over with a clean slate.

    I wiped the iMac clean, reinstalled the MAC OS, reinstalled VM Ware Fusion on its partition and loaded the Windows XP Home SP2 I had laying around, then upgraded to Windows XP Pro SP2. I started with my Cisco VPN Software and reloaded it to the Virtual Machine and got it working before I reloaded all of my other Windows based software.

    Everything is working beautifully now. A bluetooth connection via my Palm Treo to gain access to the internet isn't too bad, just too slow to load the application I need from the server on the other side of the VPN connection. Still testing Wi-Fi hotspot performance which initially looks better.

    Running a thin client on a virtual machine seems to be best on a ethernet connection (DSL, Cable Modem, T-10/100/1000) based on my situation.

    The next generation web based upgrade of my database will eliminate this problem for good and I can run and manage most of the database duties on the Mac OS side via the web without any connectivity issues.

    Still not sure where the disconnect was between the Mac OS and the Virtual Machine when it came to recognizing the internet connection.

    its definitely nice to get away from Windows and actually get work done on the Mac OS.

    I now can run everything I could possibly need on my iMac which was my intention when I made the switch back to a Mac.

    Great forum and a wealth of information.

    Dave A.
    2 - 24" iMacs 2.8 Ghz 500GB HDD, VMWare Fusion running Windows XP Pro SP2

    Looking forward to expanding my horizons

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