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    running games on vista in parallels on my MacBook
    okay, i want to run games on my macbook. i am using parallels with vista. parallels is version: build 3188 (i got it last summer).

    my macbook is not a pro so i am unsure if gaming in vista is even a option. it is about 10 months old, but not the lowest end model. it has: 2.16 intel duo 2 with 1 gb of ram and 160 gb hd running 10.5.1.

    i would like to play games like battlefield 1942, call of duty 2 & 4, red alert 2 and navy field (online free game, check it out at i dont think it is 'super' high tech).. i basically just got windows in order to game

    after i bought vista and parallels i was looking online and realized that i made a horrible error. i really should have bought xp and used boot camp if my only intention was to game in windows. so please dont tell me about that error, i realize and kick myself [ouch!] everyday when i want to play games.. any questions please ask, i really want to play navyfield on my macbook- that is my goal.. thanks all!

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    oh i forgot to add: i have installed navy field. however when i double click on it to start it up the screen goes black but the music does start. i assume this has something to do with my graphics card or settings. also i did install direct x off the internet into my windows vista..

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    any Virtual Machine currently has no good directX support. You can still easily run Boot Camp if you have a legal copy of Windows. I'd suggest doing that for your higher req games such as battlefield and COD4.

    EDIT: I'm tired, sorry. I just realized you have regular MacBook. That may not be the best gaming computer for Battlefield or COD4, you might want a computer with a graphics card.
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    Unfortunately it is almost impossible to run the games you have listed thru Parallels Desktop because they are rather "hard" ones..
    However I'm not sure about Navy Field. As it online game I guess it doesn't have high system requirements. So I think you should give it another try in Parallels.. Did you try Boot Camp to run these games?

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    Red Alert 2 should most definitely work, it worked on my old toshiba laptop (it to was basic) that was from seven years ago. It had a horrific Graphics card on stilled played red alert 2 smoothly

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    no i have not tried to do them in boot camp yet. i guess i might have to eventually try that. its just i dont want to use the up the space req'd for boot camp

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