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    which app to use on the iMac for running windows
    im unsure which app to install, to run windows, as with boot camp one can only run windows or apple on seperate occasions.

    virtual or parellel, or is their another

    thanks in advance

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    Try Parallels:

    or VM Fusion

    Either can run any version of Windows. XP is most suitable though.
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    I have just tried (except Virtual PC back in the PowerPC days) VMware Fusion, but I have to say it's really great.

    The Unity function is fantastic!

    And if you use VMware on Windows or Linux or whatever, you can share the images.

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    i think it really depends on what you are going to use it for. i really only want windows for gaming so i should have bought bootcamp, i have parallels.. i think parallels works great, just kind of slow (i have macbook intel duo 2, 2 GHz, 1gb ram, 160 gb HD -- so not the fastest machine) and i cannot get games to work. but sounds like you might not use it game, so go for it

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    If you are going to work with some Windows apps you should choose between Parallels and Fusion. Best way to choose is to try them both in trial..
    I was in the same situation as you several months ago.. I tried with trial version of Parallels and after that I didn't have to download trial version of Fusion because I simply fell in love with Parallels Desktop..
    Everything is much more simple about gaming - use Boot Camp.

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    I switched to MAC from Windows but have several windows programs I use. I also use windows at work. I have been running boot camp but I do a lot of logging off one system and into the other. If you will be using both systems I would skip boot camp.

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