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cathyy 04-04-2008 01:58 AM

Does anyone foresee any problems with this?
I want to play some PC games on my Macbook Pro, and my school provides us with a copy of Vista Business. However they're only giving it to us when school starts (5+ weeks). Therefore I'm considering installing my older copy of Windows XP SP2 on my notebook so that I can play my games. When my school finally gives us our Vista Business, I'm planning to store all my game files to an external HDD, wipe out the entire XP partition, install Vista over it, then putting back all my game files.

Do you guys think this is fine? Will I face any problems?

Dysfunction 04-04-2008 02:16 AM

Should be just like doing a clean install of vista.

dalison 04-04-2008 08:34 AM

You will likely need to reinstall your games, not just copy them over. Many Windows applications use shared DLLs that they place in the Windows or Windows\System(32) directory. In addition there are usually registry entries that will need to be updated. This is what the setup programs do.

If you are trying to keep profile information from your games (levels, preferences, etc.) that's a different story and dependent on each game. Some store their data in your My Documents directory, some in the Local Settings directory tree, others in the registry. If that's your concern you should check the forums of the different games you have for advice on moving an installation of that particular game.

fleurya 04-04-2008 10:34 AM

I know this wasn't your question, but I would really recommend sticking with XP if you can run the games you want to play on it. I started out using XP for games and later "upgraded" to Vista. Vista is such a drain on energy resources that none of my games played as well. (FPS rates were down over 25%) So I switched back to XP. I have no plans to switch back to Vista unless some program requires it, which I don't expect any time soon as Vista is not very popular.

giulio 04-04-2008 12:06 PM

Why not upgrade XP to Vista? Then all your apps and settings will be intact.

Vista has a profile migrator I helped my retired neighbor put his old data from an old XP machine onto a new Vista machine. Both machines have to be on the same network. I don't know if the migrator works on same-machine cases though.

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