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    LPR printing from Mac to Windows Server 2003
    Hello All !
    This is my first message on this forum
    I work in a big office and for the last time we started to redirect printings from old mac's v. 8.6 and 9 though server 2003 because of accounting tool (to know how much we spend fo A3 and A4). Before it, we just used direct Appltalk protocol printing.

    We are using Desktop Printig Utility and adding printers by LaserWriter 8.6.5 in Mac 8.6 and LaserWriter 8.7 in Mac 9 using LPR add printer (Ip server adress and printer que name).

    After the intallation our client is trying to print from quarkxpress 3.39 or photoshop and sometimes, one second before the job must leave Mac and should enter printer que on windows server 2003, quarkxpress just stucks ,like as it doesn't know there to put spooled job?! After it,our client just makes restart and continues printing untill the next time Mac will stuck.
    Olso, there is no event ID on the windows server, so maybe the problem is not with the server.I olso tried to print though another server, but it didn't help.
    When we used direct appltalk printing, everything was perfect, but for now we must use printing though windows server.Maybe some one knows that's wrong?
    Sorry for my bad language and please help!!!

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    Hello, you may want to try this on the Windows side, Windows Printserver has actually worked excellent for my macs and linux boxes

    By default, Windows Server 2003 places the printer spool folder at %systemroot%\System32\Spool\Printers. However, you can potentially increase system performance by moving the printer spool files to a different drive than the one that holds the operating system.
    Computers frequently access system files, so moving the printer files to a different location allows faster access to those files. The drive won't have to try to service requests simultaneously.
    To change the location for the printer spooler files, follow these steps:
    1. Go to Start | Printers And Faxes.
    2. From the File menu, select Server Properties.
    3. On the Advanced tab, enter the location where you would like to spool print jobs. If the location doesn't exist, this process will create it for you. Make sure the new location has sufficient disk space to handle large print jobs.
    4. Stop and restart the printer spooler service, or reboot the server.
    On the services list, you'll find the spooler service under Print Spooler.

    To make a long story short move the new folder to a differnet parttion and you should see an increase in perforamnce.


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