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    Ethernet/Network Driver

    first of all sorry if there's already such a thread but my english is not the best and I have a hard time reading through all the other threads. I got a MacBook A1181 and recently my brother installed Windows XP SP2. Unfortunately now there are some drivers missing like the ethernet, PCI or network driver, but since he's on vacation I don't know which software he used to install Windows. I googled a little bit and found out that usually "Bootcamp" is used for this. I already downloaded it, but all I got was a .dmg file, which only can be used witch Mac OS and I can't find the right version, since there are several of them.

    I hope someone could explain me how or where I can download the drivers or which "BootCamp" version I have to use.

    Regards Mocking_Bird

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    Boot Camp is something that comes built in with version 10.5 of OS X. If Leopard came preinstalled on your machine, then what you need to do is pop in your restore discs and the drivers will be on there. If you have a retail Leopard disc, then pop that in.

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    Thanks for the answer, but I don't have those CDs anymore, is there any other way to install them?

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