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    Recordings on a Macintosh LC
    I have some old audio recordings on a classic Macintosh LC that I want to transfer to my PC or (more modern) mac. I have transferred them to my PC via floppy disk, and they appear on the PC as a 'file', and have no size, although on the Mac LC they are 218kb. I have extracted to 'macbinary' (.bin) file on the PC (and they become 218kb again), but am stuck from there. Is there any way to transfer these to a more usable file format? I suppose I could just re-record them onto a PC via an audio cable, but I would prefer to just convert the .bin to a .wav or something.

    Thanks for any help anyone could give me!

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    Are they mac .snd sound files?

    If so the info is stored in the resource fork of the file. The pc will only see the data fork so the transfer will essentially give you no info on the PC side

    if you have access to a modern mac with itunes, it will be able to convert them to aac or mp3 or wav

    if you are stuck with the old LC try looking for SoundApp which can convert then to AIFF under system 7 (the one for 680 macs not PPC)

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    Theres a little sound app called Brian's sound tool 1.3 it will
    convert the files to wav. files.

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    I have no idea whether they are .snd files - there is no indication, but I will try Brian's sound tool on my mac mini. Thanks for the help!

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    Solved! Used a combination of a 'mac on a stick' system 7 emulator and stuffit expander!

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