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    BootCamp formatting error....
    Hi guys I finally decided to install windows on my MacBook Pro, but I had a problem right from the get-go.

    I choose to partition the disk (110 Gb Mac, 9 Gb Windows), I left the disk partitioning went for a glass of water and when I returned my mac was off, I turned it on and it said and error ocurred....everything was ok on my desktop but now I lost access to the 9 gb i choose for windows.

    When I try to use bootcamp again, it doesn't give me an option to use the already partioned disk and asks for another partition....what I hate is that I don't even know what went wrong, because I left for few minutes.

    What can I do? thanks!

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    the partition may still exist but just not show on the desktop.

    open disk utility /application/utilities/ and see if the partition shows there. If it does, you can delete and erase the Bootcamp partition, and extend your mac o s x partition to fill the space.

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