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    System 7 applications
    I went on and was able to download a Mac OS 7 emulator (legally). Now the emulator is running on a program on windows called minivmac. The mac does not come with any applications preinstalled. Does anybody know where I can get some free applications that I can run in Mac os 7?

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    what sort of applications? I still have a Mac SE30 running 7

    You can still download system 7 from apple I believe

    That is truly old skool computing, I may still have some old stuff but it may be on old disks that I can no longer read

    otherwise there is an active community still

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    Go to Cliff Johnson made his award-winning puzzle games available for free. All run on System 7.

    I also recommend Duane Blehm's public domain "Stunt Copter". "Cairo Shoot Out" is another good one from the late programmer, but it doesn't always run well on System 7.

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