I upgraded from Outlook Express 5.0.2 to 5.0.6 running a G4 with OS 9.2

Now I cannot most emails which are in HTML. The email body page is just blank.
Never had any problems with OE 5.0.2.

What seems to happen is that I can read HTML emails when I first launch OE 5.0.6, then something happens, not really sure what, and suddenly on the next email or it could be the fifth email, the body portion of the email is just blank; I still get the headers.
If I now quit Outlook Express and relaunch, I can read the HTML emails again for a short while (including the one I couldn't read just two minutes ago).
I looked high and low for a setting, couldn't find one, also trashed the preferences, that cleared up the unexpected Outlook Express crashes with Error 2 but did nothing for my HTML problem.
Any ideas???

Thanks, krs