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    HELP! wallstreet/wavelan bronze
    Hey new Mac user here. I got a cheap old G3 wallstreet to learn the way of the Mac. (I am a diehard PC guy)

    I got a WAVELAN Bronze pc wireless card for the G3. I got three sets of drivers: Aerocard, which seems to be a freeware 3rd party version of AirPort.

    Airport itself, was installed on the laptop when I bought it.

    And, Orinoco drivers.

    I have a wireless network at home with a Netgear 108Mbps/B/G router.

    I am running OS9.2 and the G3 has got a 233 PPC and 386MB ram.

    What happens is, OS9 recognizes the WaveLAN card, and it even sees my home wireless network and ID's it by name. But I get no connection.

    I cant see the G3 from the Netgear side of things...."list devices" shows no G3.

    I am even picking up a neighbor's wifi on the G3 but cant connect to that one either!!!

    I am ripping my hair out here, please help. I may have to go back to pc's!

    I thought Macs were 'easy'! (I guess not when youre using outdated equipment)



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    The problem is likely encryption. The WaveLAN Bronze doesn't do encryption. The current minimum is 128 bit encryption (still pretty useless if someone really wants to crack your network). I have a WaveLAN Silver with 64 bit encryption on my Pismo and have to turn encryption off to get it work.

    The only way I could get anything to work was to turn off encryption on the access point.

    I have heard the WaveLAN Silver cards can be flashed to use 128 bit with WaveLAN or Orinoco software but it requires a PC or OS X to do. These cards are pretty cheap on eBay, I have seen them for $3 + shipping.

    By the way I have never been able to get any of that software to work on my PowerBooks except Orinoco. I hear some have been able to get AirPort to recognize Silver cards and through an Airport update been able to flash them to 128 bit.
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    ditto g3 problem
    I am having the same problem with my g3 wallstreet. I just got dsl wireless and can't seem to pick up the signal on the wallstreet. I believe I have the proper drivers installed for the gold/silver cards (of which I have both). You talked about making sure encryption was off. Where do you go to do that? Control panels? I have OS9 and OS10.2 on the powerbook if that makes a difference.
    Also, would it possibly help to use an Airport base station in conjunction with the dsl wireless? I have an old graphite unit. If this might help, how would the sequence of devices be set-up? Phone line to dsl modem, modem to ethernet hub, etc?

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