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aarnclayt 03-15-2008 10:21 PM

mutt & address book
allright. so I'm dual booting archlinux and os x.4. for my mail on arch I'm using mutt-ng + offlineimap + msmtp + rolo + mutt_vc_query.

I'm having trouble importing my contacts from address book.

I tried exporting all my contacts as a .vcf file and opening it in rolo. however, i only get 4 out of the 200+. I think it has something to do with the photos that are embedded in the vcards, but I'm not sure. of the 4 contacts that do get imported one is supposed to have a photo and I get all these ////// marks all over the screen when I view that contact.

I know for certain that I am exporting all the contacts properly, because I have to do the same thing to get them on my ipod ever since I quit using iTunes.

this is what I'm thinking. I should probably backup my address book. go through and manually remove all the photos. export that as a .vcf that I can use in rolo and then reload the backup of my address book.

I guess I'm looking for either some affirmation that this should work or an alternative before I take the time to go do all of this.

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