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    Need some advice on a multiboot I am doing
    Hello all, I hope this is a friendly forum.

    Anyhoo, I have a little project in the works, and there is a mac portion that I need a bit of advice on.

    Basically, I am doing a super uber multiboot. As it goes, I plan on installing a major linux from each major branch, XP and vista, BSD, Opensolaris, Reactos, Amiga ~ and any other operating system that I can get my grubby (pun intended) fingers on. This also includes, hopefully, MAC.

    So as it is my understanding, mac is very picky about its hardware, which makes me warey about how to go about this. Back when mac was still powerpc however, I remember that someone released an x86 version. My thinking was that because this was a third party developing this for regular pc's to install, it must be much more flexible than regular ol mac os. This is just a thought, and if there is a better solution in mind, then fill me in. Basically, I just want mac on my computer... speaking of which, here is what I own: It has full specs btw, so 4 gigs of ram, etc...
    Notice it is a preinstalled linux computer... although i think it originally was a compaq.

    So yah, for my super multiboot, how am I going to get mac to run on it... All I care bout for now is that it runs... drivers are second priority. Any version is fine... if more than one exists, even better!

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    It is not legal to install/run Apple system software on anything other than Apple hardware. I doubt you will get much help on that here.
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    I dont understand?
    I own a mac...? Does that not make a difference?

    I also thought mac was opensource... sorta?

    Hmmm, ok, I see there is some suedo legal issues, but dont get me wrong, I had no intention of pirating. I would have bought a license like everyone else.

    Anyways, -1 point for mac and their proprietary nature. With these shenanigans, I dont feel that they are much better than M$. Well thats 1 users opinion... great operating system though!

    For those wondering, heres a CNet video which speaks about the topic~

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    As you stated in your original post, you are intending to install OS X on non-Apple hardware, and as cradom correctly stated, it is against the OS X EULA to do so. As such, it is against forums rules to discuss such things.

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    Have a feeling this topic is going to get locked soon.

    Running OSX on non Macintosh hardware is against the EULA. That is what you are asking us for help with.

    Discussing this is also against forum rules. Best go look somewhere else to get your questions answered.
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    Alternative Solution: Use a Mac and install VMWare Fusion. Most (if not all) of the OS's you specify can be installed in VMs. You can get more information on that here:

    But to reiterate, what you stated you wanted to do will not work and violates the EULA. Frankly you have a much better chance of accomplishing what you want using a newer Mac, OS X and VMWare.
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    Hey no intention; just didnt know that it was illegal


    +1 points for dalison for actually offering a viable alternative.

    -1 points for everyone else... For making me feel like a jerk~


    Question: How do you feel about the eula rule of not allowing the os to run on non-mac hardware?
    Personally, I understand what the strategy is, but I do not like it none the less. Just kind of puts flexibility down the toilet.

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