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    Removing OS from VM Fusion
    I want to remove the vists os from fusion and reinstall xp, can't find anyway to remove the os. Tried uninstalling VM fusion but when I reinstalled it showed the same vista OS. Thanks in advance.

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    if you used boot camp then you can use boot camp to delete the windows partition. If not then im also stuck.

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    From the Fusion Help:

    Deleting a Virtual Machine

    If you want to delete a virtual machine, you delete its files using the Finder.

    To delete a virtual machine:

    1) Power off the virtual machine.
    2) Browse to the Virtual Machines folder (usually in your <user>/Documents folder) and select the machine you want to delete.
    3) Move the virtual machine package file to the trash.

    EDIT: Now, if you don't have a virtual installation, but rather a native install on a Windows partition, you'll need to wipe your partition with Disk Utility, then reinstall XP on the partition.

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