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    MacBook slow with Parallels---Buy 2GB Ram?
    I just installed Parallels (newest version) and Windows Vista Ultimate. I set parallels to the setting that gives more resources to OS X. It is still kind of laggy. Would another 1GB of ram fix this? I have the stock 1 GB now (older model Blackbook, 2.16Ghz).

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    When I upgraded to 2GB of RAM, I noticed a big speed improvement in Parallels. I would definitely suggest upgrading, even if you won't be using Parallels that often. 2GB is a sweet spot for OS X.

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    cool Ill probably get some more RAM then.

    In the meantime, I am having problems getting Vista to connect to the internet I just installed Parallel Tools, so hopefully it will work. Vista is restarting.

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    Ah sick the internet now works.

    Now I just need 2GB of RAM and Ill be all set. Thanks

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