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    Windows XP, VMWare Fusion - No Windows Disc - PLEASE HELP!!
    I have a pretty unique problem. I have Windows XP on a hard drive for which I no longer have a PC to use with. I have purchased an external enclosure and made this hard drive an external hard drive. I also purchased VMWare Fusion, hoping that I can use all my applications from my Windows XP hard drive using that. I don't have the original XP Installation discs, but I do have the product key. Is there a way to make a Windows XP Install CD from the files on the hard drive so I can install XP on my mac and run it using VMWare Fusion? Thank you in advance, and any ideas will be appreciated.

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    Unless you have a .iso or a windows disk, you are screwed. What you can do is get a disk from a friend, buy it, or download it illegally. If you want to use Bittorrent, find a Windows xp pro essential.iso this has no LK and bypasses the wga for windows. There is not a way to pull windows off an hd and turn it into an iso for a start up disk.
    Once you have an iso, go to disk utilities> from file menu go open disk image> choose iso> insert your disk> and burn

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