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    Vista Home Premium Booting Problems
    Hi there,

    Complete novice to Macs in general and the whole concept of dual booting here, and first time poster.

    I bought a copy of Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit after being advised by a pal that works in I.T. so I could dual boot it with my MacBook Pro.

    The O/S seems to load fine however when I try to load the drivers from the OS X disc I get a couple of errors;

    Status Starting Services:
    Service: Key Agent

    Status Starting Services:
    Service: Mac HAL

    Both of these seem to fail when I run the disc, however everything else seems to install properly and Windows even acknowledges the install was successful. I am using an admin account to install the drivers obviously however I'm still receiving this error? Can anyone shed any light?

    Also Vista doesn't seem to be picking up my Wireless Router at all, OS X picked it up straight away so it's definitely working, however Windows returns a statement declaring there are no available networks when I try to set it up?

    Also right click functionality according to the Boot Camp manual doesn't appear to be working either? I'm aware there is third party software to fix this but is it necessary?

    I know these are probably really simple questions but as I say I'm a complte novice to Macs so please humour me lol.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Can nobody help me on this then?

    I really want to get Vista up and running on my Mac and these problems seem to be inhibiting my progress.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    While in Vista, try the Apple Software Update. Have heard there were some new drivers issued for the 64 bit version in Jan. Don't know if this will solve your issue, but worth a try.
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    My Boot Camp installation and setup guide says that it will only support 32-bit versions of Windows.

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    It's not even letting me connect to the Internet in Vista, it's saying there's no networking hardware.


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