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    Vintage LCIII - Screen resolution issues

    I'm running an old LCIII pizza box, Apple VGA monitor, on OS 7.6

    Trying to get some old EGA 16-color games working, but I'm having considerable issues. If I try to start the game in 256 color mode, I see 8 instances of the game across the top of the screen. Even when I set the colors down to 16, when I start the game, I'll see 4 instances of it across the top of the screen (each with varying colors in the spectrum). The problem is, I'm unable to change the screen resolution setting in the Monitors Control Panel to anything but '640 x 480, 67Hz' - That's the only option I'm given.

    Please help!

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    I'm not exactly sure what you have there. EGA and VGA are PC standards that didn't apply to old Macs like the LC III. You'd have to check the system requirements of the game to see if they'd run on an LCIII at any resolution. It may just not be possible with the Mac and monitor that you have.

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