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    Pro Mouse stopped working...need help
    Ok so i took my powerbook and my usb pro mouse to class today, worked with both of them and they worked fine. Then i came home and plugged the mouse into my USB keyboard like i always do, and it didnt light up. So i figured it might be a bad connection and i tried it again. nothing. then i tried in every other USB port i could find. Nothing. Dead. All my other USB stuff works fine.

    Only thing i can think of is being in my backpack might have either bent the cord in some weird way or shook the mouse around too much and made something come loose. I have a feeling it might have something do do with the cord though because i can see spots where it has stretched/bent a little over time (ive had the mouse for a good 2 years, its seen alot of use, and also i FOUND the mouse in a stack of stuff about to be thrown away)

    Anyways, does anyone have any ideas on what i could do to maybe find out what the problem is, or even repair it? On the other hand, if it can't be repaired, would it be wise to invest in a new wireless mouse? how have your experiences been with them? Thanks for any help.

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    Can't help you with your current mouse, but I can help you with the Bluetooth one.

    I love mine. It's name is Bill (the keyboard's called Ben), I have never changed the battery since I got it 3 weeks ago and the battery life indicator is still at its max level. It's quick and responsive - if you leave it for 5 minutes, then it just takes a sec to wake up again, but during normal-day-to-day usage you don't notice any delay.

    Plus, the main thing: it's really, really, really sexy. You get some amazing looks from people when they see a mouse, a notebook and no stupid wires or a little wireless receiver box.

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    It's probably the surface you were working on. It happened on my desk before I got a mousepad.

    Was the surface non-textured? If so, it's probably the surface. Optical mice need textured/patterned surfaces to function properly.

    I think this is the problem, if not, you need a new mouse.

    Good luck!

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