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    I know this has been discussed on the forums at length so I'll try to keep this specific to my problem which I believe is something relatively original.
    I bought one of the new iMacs back in September. My only complaint is that I didn't switch to a Mac sooner!

    So I got a wireless Mighty Mouse for Christmas. To celebrate the occaision I went out and bought a brand new mousepad (black) and hooked it up right away. I've been using it ever since but not without intermittent issues. For starters, it doesn't scroll nearly as quickly or as smoothly as the chorded Mighty Mouse - even though all of the settings are EXACTLY the same. I also tried using the mouse on several mousepads and surfaces but nothing seemed to change the scrolling capabilities of the bluetooth MM. Another issue I've been having is random movements. If I take my hands off the MM to type the mouse cursor will jiggle around and move a bit.

    I finally decided to take my lovely Christmas gift and put it away for the night, replacing it with my chorded MM. After months of using the wireless mouse exclusively and then switching back I can honestly say my wireless MM is not functioning as it should. This chorded mouse is smooth, quick, and precise. It really emphasizes how poor my wireless experience was.

    So after all that I have two questions.

    1) Should the wireless mouse not function EXACTLY the same as it's wired counterpart? The wireless mouse doesn't track well and the mouse moves so slow. (With brand new batteries).

    2) I'm past the return window at my local BestBuy store. Would Apple take this thing back to service it?

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    If it's defective, which it definitely sounds like it is, it's still covered under the warranty.
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    Chat with apple it sounds like it may be defective to me. I have not similar experience with my BT MM. It tracks fine, moves quickly and does not jump around or jiggle.

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    My Wireless MM behaves exactly as my wired one did, it sounds defective & it should be covered under warranty.

    I'd return it.

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