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    kensington wireless mouse sucks...
    ok, so my kensington pilotmouse optical wireless mouse, has died. i've had it barely 5 months, and it died. yes, it has new batteries; yes, i've tried plugging the receiver into different usb ports; yes, i've tried about anything you can think of. doesn't work. these things suck. there's $40 down the drain. anyone have a suggestion of a good wireless mouse? preferably 5-button? i'm back to using the apple mouse that came with my computer...not sure how long i can stay sane using this thing.

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    Microsoft Wireless InteliMouse Explorer. I bought it about 3 months ago and haven't had to change the batteries. The quaility of the signal is great - you don't noticed any delay at all. Really nice to hold, great wheel on it, two extra buttons on the side which are useful and don't get in the way. Really, really light mouse and quite small.

    On my PowerBook though, I use Apple's Wireless mouse and I love it. Her name is Bill, the wireless keyboard's name is Ben.

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    I use a USB Apple mouse with my PowerBook, it works fine for me. I actually like it better than any Kensington or Logitech or whatever, I find ctl+click works fine for me, and I really like the feel and how solid the Apple mouse is.

    The Apple wireless mouse rocks though, I suggest getting that if you have a BlueTooth module in your G5 or whatever. Otherwise, Logitech makes some pretty good mice. On my PC I have a Logitech (optical) that's like 4 years old and it still works really well. I also like the sound Logitechs make when you click them down

    Good luck!

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    thanks for the replies. for some weird reason, my mouse started working again. i dunno why. i just took the batteries out for a couple hours and then put them back in just to see if it worked, and it did. it still kinda spazzes out every once in a while, so i'm still open to mouse suggestions. and i can't stand the apple mouse...i'm used to having multi-button mice now, and i can't go back! it's almost like a form of withdrawal.

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    Logitech makes some sweet mice. I have an optical Logitech from like 5 years ago and it still works really well, not a hitch.

    Get a Logitech, that's my opinion.

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    Another vote for logitech here, my Logitech mouseman optical mouse is about 3-4 years old and still works fine.

    But I wouldn't bother with bluetooth unless using a 'book.
    Just get a 'normal' wireless mouse and hide the reciever behind your box - bluetooth mice are still a lot more expensive...

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