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Thread: Slight problem with SuperDrive...

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    Slight problem with SuperDrive...
    I recently purchased a G4, and my particular model only came with the ComboDrive. I, of course, wanted the SuperDrive. So then, I ordered a Pioneer A05 from NewEgg. It arrived today, and I installed it and such. The problem is, the drive cannot open. The tray is blocked by the corners of the opening in the case! I'm sure there have been others out there who have purchased an A05 separately and installed it on their own successfully. Help! What can I do to get this working, aside from having to physically hack off the corners of the tray frontpiece?

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    I forgot to mention I have the "mirrored drive covers" case.

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    i dont think there's much you can do, but i found someone with the same problem

    By the way, anyone else have a problem with the AO5 tray hitting the
    >> inside frame just behind the mirrored-door? I had to re-open the G4
    >> case several times to adjust the optical housing so the tray would
    >> eject properly.
    > Glad you got it working. I had a problem aligning the doors & never
    > could get it set up right. I wound up putting the A05 as the master but
    > in the bottom space and then lightly sanding the corners on the tray so
    > it would open!
    > Joan

    Yeah, chalk up another breakthrough with Apple's "Mirrored Drive Door"
    expansion bay design. If you want to use any drive other than the stock
    Apple optical drive you have no choice but to mount it in the bottom bay and
    hope it fits.

    And forget about installing a DVD-RAM drive in there like I was planning on
    doing... Just like Apple to make something ALMOST useful (as far as desktop
    computers go anyway).

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    Ouch .
    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain!

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