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    cooling fan of PM8600
    i feel really stupid..... but..... i don't want to be wrong

    i disassembled my machine for a long needed cleaning. it is back together and performing fine, except...

    i may have reinstalled the cooling fan backwards. not the main fan that blows out the back... the one located on the tower door. should this fan also blow out, or (this is what i think) draw outside air in?

    *i know, i could have avoided this if i would have paid more attention before i take something apart, but THANKS for your help!

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    If I remember correctly that fan draws air in as you think.

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    They are most likely intended to work together in making unidirectional airflow

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    thanks for the replies!

    well, i'm getting the other answer from other sources... air out not in.

    can you or anyone suggest a place to find out for sure?

    i've tryed to get the "service manuals" from apple

    pickle's low end mac link's it:

    i'm having trouble getting them!

    suggestions... help.... thanks

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    I don't know the insides of the PM8600, but if you say that the main fan blows air out of the back, and the other fan is mounted on the front side of the case, than it definitely should draw the air in. This creates a constant airflow, fresh air being drawn in at the front, and hot air blowing out at the back.

    Blowing out air at the front and back wouldn't make much sense, and wouldn't be good for cooling, because instead of getting a constant airflow inside the case, you will get turbulences, which, oddly enough, would leave most of the hot air inside the that wouldn't be very effective.

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