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    Unhappy New Mac User - questions on printing to Epson printer through Windows wireless w/Leop I've been around the bend and back trying to get my new Macbook Pro 17" laptop to print wirelessly through my Epson R1800 printer - - which is hooked up to a Dell PC.

    I have loaded the "so-called" Mac Leopard Epson R1800 driver to the laptop...and it will print through the PC wirelss network to the prints all jack screwed!

    If I have the printer options set to print tabloid in landscape prints part of my print in portrait, it doesn't give me all the options that my Windows XP printer driver gives me.....

    My question: Is there some way that I can print wirelessly to this printer through my windows wireless network?

    Is this an Epson driver problem?

    Also...supposedly this is a Leopard approved driver by Epson....even if I plug the Epson R1800 printer directly into the laptop...I still get the same horrible results!! Orientation is screwed up...print quality isn't what the setting says it is, etc.

    I'm really starting to wish I'd have stuck with my old pc laptop printed flawlessly through this wireless network...and had the same print options as the hardwired desktop.

    Any advice?

    Also...does anyone know if an Epson R1900 printer will print correctly with Leopard??? On Epson's site it lists that printer - which is new - as being OSX- 10.5 compatible....but they said that with the R1800 not sure if I'm trusting them on that....

    And windows network has a wireless router hooked to a multi-hard drive TerraStation storage server. Someone told me I might be able to hook up some kind of inexpensive print server to the TerraStation and print wirelessly..and successfully through that...but I'm thinking that Epson just has crap Leopard drivers??

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    i have issues with the r580 epson but i read of other troubles with other
    brands so i think its a matter of the drivers being updated hopefully soon.

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    Probably right....but, R1800 is listed as a Mac "Leopard" compatible driver. I think Epson is nuts.

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    Apparently, it cannot be done....

    I have had a lot of mac people view this question on several forums, and mostly I just get encouragement that , "You'll get'r resolved sooner or later."

    Man...I wish there was one person out there that could actually give me a step-by-step on how to make it work. I'm beginning to think that the Mac system is like the boy in the bubble; it lives and breathes and can function only within it's small, self-contained atmosphere...but cannot make contact with the larger outside world.

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