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Thread: Best Laser Printer for Mac??

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    Best Laser Printer for Mac??
    Hello, Can anyone recommend a good color laser printer under the
    $500 range? I need to print high quality images to heavy stock (80lb)
    paper from Photoshop and am looking for a laser printer that will
    allow me to use colorsync so that the monitor and printer can be
    calibrated as closely as possible. Thanks in advance for any

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    For a more exhaustive list, try cnet reviews.

    When I was shopping for a color laser printer mid-last year, there were not many color laser printers available for <$500. I finally settled on a Samsung CLP-600N. That's the network-enabled model. A non-network CLP-600 is also available. I'm not able to recommend it without qualification. The documentation is horrible, and thus I've never taken the time to get it setup as a network printer. It took long enough just to get it installed at all on my Mac. There is a lot of conflicting info on help forums that was part of the problem. Anyway, once installed, it's good enough. Probably the best sub-500 printer in terms of print speed. You can look up the specs. I couldn't be happier with b&w performance. On the other hand, my printer has this problem where the magenta toner is off-alignment a couple dots, so images or colored text looks a little muddy. I'm pretty sure it's an individual printer problem - maybe the printer got bumped or something. I haven't needed really high-quality graphics, so I've gotten by with that foible. And that's all I've got to say about that. Good luck.

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