I want to get an LCD monitor for my MacBook that fits "more" on it (i.e. higher resolution). I'm after a value for money 20" wide screen LCD monitor. I believe the MacBooks apparently supports 1920 x 1200(?), and I accidently got a 19" LCD that only had 1440 x 900 (so I couldn't get my applications in a more compact view). So I want to do better than 1440 x 900 this time around.

Q1 - I was looking at getting a 1680x1050 resolution wide-screen. This would seem to be the best at this stage given what it on the market in 20" wide-screen monitors and some value for money no???

Q2 - Specifically I am looking at the following model, if there are any comments:
...ViewSonic VA2026W 20inch Wide 5ms 1680x1050
...300nits 1K:1 170/160 DVI BLACK