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    Exclamation help adding 200gb hard disk to g4 733!

    I need help, I just added a 200gb internal hard disk to a power mac g4 733mhz and OSX only recognizes 137gb(127 formated). Drive is a seagate barracuda ata100, 7200rpm.
    I got an answer saying that's because this large drives require ata133 bus and my mac is only ata100. (although hard disk is ata100).

    How do I solve this? Is there any osx upgrade that can solve it?
    Can I use a PCI IDE controler card to enable the full 200gb?

    or just sell it and get a 120gb drive instead?(don't like to "loose" 70gb!)

    Thanks in advance

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    Maybe this can help…

    Here are testimonies of users that have had success using 160+ hard drives.

    Here is Apple's response

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    Thanks for the links.

    I'll try first upgrade to OS10.2x and see if it recognises the full capacity.

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    if you got an ATA133 PCI card, that would enable you to use the whole 200GB

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    I would live to have a pci ide card but they cost as much as the drive itself. At least the ones I found in the UK. So not an option for now.

    Thank you all

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