Hey everyone, I mostly hang around the off-topic forum but I decided to stop by and visit.
I recently bought a WD Mybook Studio 1TB the other day and thought I'd share my feelings and thoughts on it for those of you who are interested.
I decided to get this specific model because I do a lot of video/music/photo editing/creation/whatever. I had a Lacie d2 320GB, and I ran out of room in no time with my projects, and my collection of MP3's and Movies from iTunes.

First off the WD MB Studio looks nice sitting next to my MBP. It's quieter than my Lacie drive and takes up less space. So far, cosmetically, I am very pleased and satisfied with this drive. I have this thing connected via Firewire 800. I am planning to purchase a second HD for my scratch and render files. One more for Time Machine. So far, I imported and installed about 120GB worth of stuff onto the drive with no problem and at decent speeds.

One thing that is annoying me though, is the light. It's similar to the MBP light that sits on the button to release the screen. However, the WD lights are constantly on and it strobes up and down constantly. I'm not sure if its supposed to do that, or if I set it up wrong, or if I'm doing something wrong. I'll have to look more into it and try to get it resolved if possible.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with this little big drive. I'll keep you guys posted once I start using this badboy more frequently and rigorously.