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Thread: Wet Powerbrick

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    Exclamation Wet Powerbrick
    My MacBook Powerbrick got wet, with Coca-Cola, it was in a backpack, and the Coke can got punctured, and the brick was all wet. I am letting it sit out now. Any precautions I should take?


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    +1 for Knowledge.

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    Another Bump.

    After a day, I tried plugging it in, and the LED doesn't light up.

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    Give it a lot of time to dry out, entirely. If the coke didn't actually damage anything and it's just a matter of the hardware being wet, it needs to dry out entirely. It could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to dry out. The screen might be shot if the coke got into it though.

    Best up calling apple or something like that.
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    Let it air dry for a week or buy a new one. Knock offs on eBay run like $30 or something.

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