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    Dual Monitors w/MBP
    I'm a Windows refugee and thus far love my MacBook Pro. However, I would like to use a dual or even three monitor setup. From the posts I've seen here, a docking station doesn't appear to be a viable option. Is there a way to connect three monitors to the MBP? If not, I may have to convince my wife I need a Mac Pro--darn it.

    Thanks for your help
    Bill Krull in Lake Charles, LA

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    i have had a look and am sorry to say no this is to do with apple changed the type of slot in the side of the macbook pro to express 34 there is no video cards for this that i was able to find i am shore there will be soon.

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    look at matrox.

    They offer dua and triple extenal graphics cards that are compatable with macs.

    I own a dualhead and love it. However, it will not support 20 or 22" monitors (1680x1050 resolution)

    see the matrox site for the complete list of compatable resolutions.

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