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Thread: Mighty mouse ticking problem

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    Question Mighty mouse ticking problem

    I'm having problem with my wired mighty mouse. I am constantly experiencing a soft ticking noise when i use it. Slightest bit of presure at the top of the mouse (near the pea) will trigger the soft click sound. Everytime i hear the tick, my dashboard appears. I have my side buttons set to trigger dashboard but I am definitely not pressing the side buttons.

    Its gotten to the point that i can't do anything as the dash board gets appearing and this has forced me to disable the side button functionality. However, i can hear the ticking.

    I have isolated the problem and I don't think its the mouse as when i plug the mouse into my PC, the ticking noise does not appear to happen anymore. Plus i have exchanged for another one and still happens.

    Does anyone have the same problem? Please help as this is bothering me.

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    Dec 18, 2007
    no one's had this problem???

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    Quote Originally Posted by giraffez View Post
    no one's had this problem???
    I have this problem, and it makes me want to throw my mouse at something that is quite hard, like the wall...

    I had to disable the side button(s) because every, single, time I went to move my mouse the Expose thingy activated, however, I can hear a ticking/clicking sound from the mouse, and its very annoying.

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    Ok I'm happy I am not the only one with the ticking sound and the side button issue.

    Any resolution to this? Is it normal? I finally pulled out my Logitech bluetooth mouse as the noise was driving me crazy, also disabled the Expose buttons as well. I figured the Expose problem was me being new, but the noise isn't at all.

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    I have the same problem.

    The source of the problem seems to be the Mac (iMac 2.66) because I exchanged the mouse with another Mighty Mouse and the ticking persists.

    According to this thread it might be due to electromagnetical radiation.

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