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    bluetooth mighty mouse problems in leopard
    i bought a bluetooth mighty mouse recently, it mostly works except i dont get the battery status and mouse name in the bluetooth tab in the the keyboard and mouse preferences(in system preferences)...any suggestions would be helpful.

    also the side buttons dont work, i've tried setting them to expose' etc. but nothing ... the button clicks do however register in add on mouse accelerators like usb overdrive, but dont work as set in the preferences tab.

    it works properly though i dont get dropped connections or anything as such.

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    I can't remember if it shows battery life, but it wanrs me when the batteries are low. As for the expose "squeeze" buttons they work fine for me.
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    Have you tried Setting them up a new ie re-pairing them. Both my KB and MM show up with name and Battery level in the BT pane.
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    SOLVED: you need to remove USB overdrive helper, donot just move the application to trash, there is an uninstall file in /Applications/Utilities, use that.

    @Kilted1 using the istat widget also doesnot work when you have usb overdrive installed, because it simply reads the status from the same file, you need to uninstall USB ocvrdrive for this to work as well.

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