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    5.1 surround on mac pro
    I'm looking at getting one of those cheapish 5.1 speaker packages from creative or someone - the 2 big speakers and huge amp I'm using just now are just too bulky and don't sound that great.

    Does the mac pro support 5.1, ie, can I send a 5.1 signal out of the computer? Obviously this would have to be done through the optical port as there aren't enough analogue ports, but I'm not sure how this would work. Can I just plug an optical lead into the mac, and as long as I buy a 5.1 package with an optical in (and therefore decoder I presume) it will just work?

    Also, anyone have any suggestions on good 5.1 packages?


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    ok, cool. That's obviously for a mac bookpro, but good chat. If I buy a 5.1 setup then with an optical input (say this,en) then the optical output from the mac WILL send a 5.1 signal yeah? I don't have to buy a new soundcard, the stock macpro one does do 5.1 yeah? I just want to be totally certain!


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