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Thread: Tv Out FUZZY

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    Question Tv Out FUZZY

    I use my TV output on my TV when i'm playing games or watching videos. I use a normal video cable (the yellow cable that goes with the red and white audio ones). I tried a few cables and the font on the screen is fuzzy and unreadable. (if thats a word). I also have an S-Video out on my video card and an input for this on my tv. If i use the S-Video cable instead will it be clear? :confused: I just don;t want to waste my money on a cable that will make no difference.

    I don't know if this helps but my video card is a GeForce4 MX 440 (64mb video ram) and my computer is a AMD XP 1.49GHz.

    Thanks for any replys in advance!

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    First, on your TV you will never get an image as clear as on your monitor. It's ok to play games or watching videos, but forget about using the desktop. The image quality will be slightly better with the S-Video cable, but still far away from your monitor's image...

    Second, I have a question:
    Why are you posting your question on a Mac forum?!? I mean, even if in your case it's a general computer question (my answer above also is applicable on Macs with TV-out), if it was hardware or software related, you'd be at the wrong place.

    Or do you think that Mac user give better advices than PC user?

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    Well i planned on getting a mac so i came here alot to ask questions, but then i noticed the speeds on the mac aren't as fast on a pc. So now that i've already posted here, i know that all you mac users (most) kinda no ur stuff. Plus these are the best forums computer stuff.

    And thanks for the help.

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    Shuan... comparing MHz for Mac and PC's don't work. What you should be doing id going to a Apple Centre and checking them out for yourself. What you waiting for? Go!...

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    Yea... i tested a iMac 1GHz at a future shop.. it seemd really fast.. still im not sure wat to buy :rolleyes:

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