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    Best External Hard Drive for Time Machine????
    I just got my hands on Mac's new operating system, Leopard, and I want to be able to utilize the new feature "Time Machine" but I need to upgrade to a new external hard drive. Does anyone have any idea as to what are the best external hard drives for a Mac? My current external hard drive is a 120 GB Maxtor, but it is stuffed with media files that I do not have on my current internal hard drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Everyone has their favorites and mine is the 'LaCie D2 Qudra 500GB'. Works just great with TM and is fast when connected with firewire 800.
    Thats my 2p worth.
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    I like the OWC quad case, you're ready for anything with USB, FW 400, 800 and eSATA connections and comes with all the cables you need. They have other cases, but this is the only single drive case that takes SATA drives instead of IDE.

    Currently have a Seagate 750GB drive in that case, but also like the WD Enterprise class drives (both of these drives have a 5 yr warranty).

    And if you're not going to be transferring a bunch of large media files back and forth, there are several options out there with USB only in the 500GB range with a case for only about $20 more than that case from OWC.

    Check newegg out for prices, if they don't have the best price, typically it's so close as to not really matter. Also check your local Friday ads in the paper from Fry's if you have one in your area. They do have sales that blow everyone's prices away on occasion.
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