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Thread: Emac power button broken

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    Emac power button broken

    My eMac's button has stopped working - I can try and push the button and nothing happens. It's definitely the button that's gone as when I persevere and push hard in different parts of the button sometimes it will turn on. But that's not a great way to spend 10 mins every time I want to turn the machine on.

    I don't particularly fancy taking it to a shop, so was wandering if anyone else had come across this problem and what you did to solve it!


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    I haven't seen this myself but apparently Apple expects it because the procedure is covered in the take-apart manual. Try a search on goggle for e-mac take-apart manual.

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    what i think it is only the cable has gone loose.
    if you open the case (open 9 screw on case) when you are lifting the case a cable will come in the way it is the cable to the button. it get pulged in the back of the button check weather its loose or not.
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