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    Question Western Digital MyBook World Edition II and my Macbook
    I recently purchased a WD MyBook World Edition II (1tb) and can not figure out how to get my macbook to recognize it. It doesn't connect to the computer via USB but rather to the wireless router with an ethernet cord. I have to install software, but the cd is Windows only. The tech support guy assured me that a mac version was available on the website, but I can't find it anywhere. Ideally I want to use the "Anywhere Access" feature.

    Can anyone help?

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    I am having the same issue.. I bought one, and it was delivered this morning, and I read review today that says it is not fully compatible. I have a couple of posts out on this, I think I found a user on another forum that does have it working.
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    I understand your plight. I purchased a smaller version a few days ago. I found no way to connect the drive to the iMac or the AEBS. I also caled Apple and the guy told me that the Ethernet port could not be reconfigured to recog. the drive (which I don't believe) and was in the process of transferring me to the Wireless section of Tech Support when I hung up. Honestly, I am not that put off. I took a chance buying the drive on the possibility that I could use the higher speed connection. No worries. I'd rather have the piece of mind knowing that with the one I exchanged it for, I can just plug it into the FW or USB port and be done with it.

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    Somehow my WD World Book Edition II is working fine from the MAC, and I have made no changes.. The only thing that I know that changed is the Imac update that came down this morning. I am able to copy files to the drive, and view everything that is there.. all over the network.
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