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    Increasing ram usage
    Hi guys,

    I recently installed "menu meter" which i find very usful to monitor my system when running heavy applications on my ppc G5.
    But i can't stop noticing that out of my 3gig of ram, at least 2 gig are always available no matter what program i run... On the other hand i can also notice my disks are running full blast always!

    How can i tell my mac to make use of more memory to offset some of the processing load of the disks ?

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    It could be that your heavy app requires a contiguous block of data that cannot fit in ram.

    Are you on a desktop or laptop? My macmini (laptop hdd) gets a lot more disk usage since it's slower and takes longer to read/write. However my iMac hdd is idle much more often.
    Or you have another app or even a background process that is using the hdd a lot.
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    Hi mate
    Hi mate,

    Yeah its a desktop G5 ppc core 2.7ghz. I run logic mostly ...
    I don't even have a background process, i'm not online with that computer either ... The quantity of ram usage does go up and down but between 200 and 375 on range of 3 gig...
    I might be wrong but i thought i heard something about being able to tell the system to prioritise disk or ram usage, dunno if i'm making sens i'm no expert ...

    Any suggestions ?
    Thanks for answering
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