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    Acomdata 500GB External HD
    Hello all,

    I have a hybrid Acomdata 500GB External hard drive and I recently erased the contents of it so that I could setup two partitions. I then returned all my backup data onto it (everything copied perfectly) and now, after I formatted my powerbook, it loads the "CD PART" fine, but there are no files within the CD disc. I need the files within this CD because there is the SECURE-FIRST password encryption app I need to install so that I can read the contents and access my personal data files. Can anyone help me?

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    Sep 11, 2004
    Can anyone please help me? I have important documents and pictures that I do not want to lose.

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    Sorry about that, I re-read it and realized I didn't elaborate enough, so here it goes:

    First, I wanted to setup three partitions on my external Acomdata Hybrid 500GB External HD. But because I already had personal data on there, I had to move it to my laptop's HD.

    The partition went fine (formatted it under Apple's HFS Journaled file system) and so I then put all my personal files back onto my external HD, which was completed perfectly fine. I know this is true because I accessed/opened some of my important files on the backup just to make sure those transfered correctly.

    At the same time, I realized why not format my laptop since it had been a while and needed a good cleanup. However, after formatting my laptop, I cannot access my external HD.

    The "CD PART" I mentioned in my original post refers to the manufacturer's read-only partition. Whenever I turn on my external HD, this "CD PART" (short for partition) loads which includes a Secure-HD password encryption application. This application is a login that installs itself onto my desktop, and allows me to enter my password and so on and so on to access my external HD.

    Normally this "CD PART" loads but now it is not and I am obviously stressed about losing this data.

    I tried accessing it on my sister's PC laptop because this "CD PART" is accessible by both types, but what happens is virtually the same as on my Mac (it loads on the Finder but no files within it; similarly, it loads on windows explorer and even says its a USB mass storage device but no files within).

    I also tried accessing the external HD through an old iBook Clamshell, which I am looking to sell, but again the same result.

    I'm wondering if a) the entire HD is corrupt? b) if only the CD PART is corrupted and c) if anyone has the Secure-HD app and if he/she could email it to me?

    I've also tried to repair permissions through Disk Utility but I do not have that option (again, maybe because it's a read-only partition?) And also on Disk Utility, the Disk Description reads as follows: "DMI USB2.0 CD-ROM Media" with a total capacity of 139.0MB, but like I said I do not have the option of repairing permissions.

    If it helps to know, I have a 12" Powerbook G4 1.5ghz, 100gb HD running the latest Tiger update.

    Hope this proper explanation can wield some solutions.

    Thanks again

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