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    Question USB Hard Drive Not Mounting, Not Bootable [via Super Duper]
    Love my 15" MBP, great machine. I'm mostly a PC guy but I love the features and performance of my Intel Mac.

    Just started messing with Super Duper. I have a new HD on the way and want to use SD to clone the disk.

    As an experiment, I connected a 3.5" ATA HD (120gb) to the Macbook using a USB2 adapter cable and power cord. MBP recognized it right away. It was NTFS so I formatted it as Mac. No problems. Ran Super Duper, finished successfully, no problems. Opened the drive in Finder, saw everything. Shut the system down, restarted and attempted to boot from the USB disk by pressing and holding "C" during power on. Did not work. Now when I plug the drive into the MBP I see nothing, not even in Disk Utility. What am I doing wrong?

    This is a known, working 3.5" HD (Seagate). I had the exact same problem with another 3.5" HD (Western Digital).

    Thanks in advance!


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    You need to hold OPTION during start-up... then select the EXTERNAL drive when the drives appear asking you which you'd like to boot from.

    Holding "C" during startup Boots from CD-ROM.

    Welcome to the Forums.

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    15" MacBook Pro 2.33 ghz, 3gb RAM, 160gb 7200 RPM HD
    Thanks Ride. I'm an idiot. Or, like I said, a PC guy, LOL.

    I just did that but only saw 'Macbook HD' in the list, the drive was completely fine before. I opened it in Finder and saw the folders. Super Duper confirmed it had been made bootable. What could be wrong? Nothing happens when I plug it in after boot, either.


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums, kjarrett.

    If I were you, Id contact David Narnian, SuperDuper!'s developer to see what he has to say in this situation. He's a great guy and if it's the drive that's at fault (I had problems with my 500GB, SD! could not complete the verification process, sent David an email and he was really sweet in his reply, told me to reformat the drive since it wasn't a SD! problem and that fixed it for me).

    Simply click on the Support tab, it'll launch Mail with his email addie.

    This is one of the great things with the Mac platform: usually the shareware developers are really close to the Mac community and are only happy to improve their product or get feedback.

    Let us know how it goes.

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