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    Unhappy Lacie Drive will not mount
    I have a Porsche Design Lacie drive (firewire) that was working without problems until recently. Now the icon does not appear on my desktop even though my mac (12" G4) can see that it is attached through the firewire port.

    I can hear the hard drive spin-up, but I still can't see it. I even went as far as to buy a 3.5" drivedock from Wiebetech and still nothing. The drive does spin up but it does not appear on my desktop. Does anyone please know what the problem is and how I might mount it?? I also tried the drive on a Macbook and same problem.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

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    im having the same problem with my 320 GB lacie ext hard drive. it worked for a couple of days, but now does not show on the desk top..
    ive tried connecting it every way possible (firewire, USb.. but nothing seems to work...

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    The same problem happened to my Lacie D2 500g drive. When I swapped the power chord it worked. I e-mailed Lacie and they shipped me a new power brick. Very happy with their service.
    Plug drive in and hold the brick to your ear and see if you hear a hissing sound.

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    Isn't there a thread somewhere in this forum (haven't time to look right now) that advises switching the external drive off altogether, as well as unplugging it completely from both its power source and the Mac - and leaving it like that overnight? Apparently it solves some connection issue that I don't pretend to understand. At least it's something to try.

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