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    Looking for best Mac Multifunctional printer
    I have a Brother multifunctional that is supposed to be wireless and have all the bells and whistles, but of course many don't work with Mac. I can't scan through the network (in fact lately I can't scan at all), etc., etc.

    I want my new iMac to be upstairs and be able to wirelessly scan/print/fax/copy to the machine downstairs. I'm giving my Brother to my parents who will be happy with it and their pc's, and they are buying me a new one. But which one?!? I haven't been able to find one that will have all functions operational by a Mac.

    I forgot to add that I want a monochrome laser printer and it does have to have a fax.

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    A good multifunction MAC compatible printer is the Epson RX640 - not wireless though

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    i love the hp6180. the 802.11g wireless multi-printer networks flawlessly with my airport station and 2 windows pcs and 2 macs. scanning through the network is not a problem.

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    I have a Brother multifunctional and it works great, it is connected however to an Airport Extreme.

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    Ok, so this is a MAJOR bump, but I'm looking for an inkjet AIO wireless printer - I've researched so much that I'm thoroughly confused. I have a Canon Pixma MP610 which I really like, but it isn't wireless and I've tried everything to get it to print from my MB (I have an iMac also) to no avail. I'm using an Airport Extreme as well. Even paid $10 to Canon phone support - waste of money. Suggestions?

    Oh, don't print many pics, so that isn't a big deal

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    HP C6380 works great for me.

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    stay away from HP! I've had nothing but problems with them. Prints when it wants to...shuts off then won't turn back on w/o unplugging it...feed takes multiple pages when trying to just print one page...They're wastes of money and I will never buy one again. I think my wireless one was the c4580 but I could be wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by jennymac View Post
    Ok, so this is a MAJOR bump ... I have a Canon Pixma MP610 ... I've tried everything to get it to print from my MB.
    Bumping right on back to your MP610, how is it not printing from your MB? Canon are normally the most reliable of printers with Mac. Perhaps we can deal with that issue first.

    Oh, don't print many pics, so that isn't a big deal
    How about this one (and for the OP as well)? Canon Pixma MP980 All in One Wireless Printer - Multifunction Laser & Inkjets -, in particular the Specs. Translate that NZ website to one in the US/your country.

    Because I too don't print many colour pics, I invested in a Brother mono laser printer. It is utterly reliable. For inkjet printing, scanning, copying, I have a Canon MP110. Not wireless, basic, but then I've seldom understood the logic of having a wireless printer unless it's associated with a LAN. It's such a simple matter to plug in a USB connection.

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