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    need a wireless keyboard with touchpad for my mac
    ... any suggestions as to which brand is compatible? I don't care if it uses bluetooth or another type of wireless connection, as long as it is wireless. I need the touchpad because I want to be able to use a keyboard and mouse from my couch if I have my mac set up in my living room without needing a surface to move the mouse around in.


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    I am currently using a Logitech diNovo Edge.

    It's nice and light and the keys are much better than they look. Touchpad is great, scrolling vertical and horizontal is like using an iPod. No official support so there are a few quirks. Namely tapping the touchpad for a click.

    Controller Mate can handle remapping the media keys just fine.

    Even though its bluetooth I use the USB dongle it came with. Without it, it is unable to reconnect without turning bluetooth of and on in system pref.

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