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    Ram question - iMac/Macbook
    I'm thinking of upgrading my ram from 1GB to 2GB in my macbook, and my dad needs to upgrade his ram on his not-so-new-anymore 17-inch G5 iMac. If I buy my 2GB kit, would it be possible to take the 1GB kit from the macbook and just put it in his G5 iMac? I'm not sure as one is a desktop and one's a notebook, and also one is a G5 and one is intel. Thanks!

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    AFAIK, intel use a newer type of RAM than PPC so I'm not too sure.

    G5 use DDR SDRAM & Intel use DDR2 SDRAM.


    It seems that the "iSight G5" takes DDR2 but the "Original Ambient Light Sensor G5" takes DDR ... ??

    iMac G5 (iSight): Installing and replacing memory (RAM)

    About iMac G5 Memory
    1. iMac G5 computers work with memory modules (DIMMs) that meet all of these
    criteria: PC3200, 2.5V, unbuffered, 8-byte, nonparity, 184-pin, 400Mhz DDR SDRAM.
    2. There are two RAM slots. The maximum amount of RAM you can install is 2 GB. You
    can use RAM module sizes of 256 MB, 512 MB and 1 GB, in either slot.
    3. DIMMs with any of the following features are not supported in the iMac G5 computer:
    registers or buffers, PLLs, ECC, parity, or EDO RAM.

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