I have a G5, OSX 10.4.1.
When I click once on my mouse it acts like a double click. It does this in all applications. I have tried different mice, this is my 3rd one, its from MacMice called the MouseII, it has 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. It doesnt requite a mouse pad but I have tried with and wothout a pad and different colored pads also. All 3 mice I have tried do this so I am guessing its not a mouse prob. I also tried plugging it directly into the USB port on my computer instead of the keyboard. I have reset the NVRAM and the P-RAM. I have run Tech Tool Pro looking for a problem but it doesnt identify anything wrong. Its really a very annoying problem. It doesnt do this 100% of the time, but it does it most of the time. Hopefully you can help.
Thank you.