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    Good Displays
    I want to get a 20inch apple Cinema LCD for a G5 I hopefully will be getting but I dont know if an extra inch is worth the high price jump from 19 to 20inch displays. Anyway what are good displays, they have to be good for gaming since I do quite a bit of that. Sony, NEC, Viewsonic? What

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    anarkhy 17
    I find a nice CRT better than a LCD for gaming at least. it just seems clearer. but deffinetly not as bright as an LCD. Sony's are pretty nice, but if you want the best LCD... get an apple.

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    Thanks, yeah I agree that CRTs are the best but I dont have the room for it. I guess Ill fork out the cash and get a 20 from Apple.

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    I think Apples new displays have a fast respone time, don't they?

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    Apples latest displays have a response time of 16ms which is very good for an lcd. It basically means it can draw 62.5 frames per second max. It is certainly adequate for gaming but as far as max frames per second it can't touch a good crt. AFAIK the 23" apple display is just a repackaged 23" lg-phillips lcd panel just like sony's, benq's, samsungs, and hp's 23" lcd's. They are essentially the same thing besides the outer packaging.

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