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    space key does not work

    I accidentaly drop some water on an ibook.
    Since then the space key is not working.
    Everything esle is working though ???

    . Any suggestion of what happened and what i should do?
    . In the worst case, is there a way i can remap this key
    on a different one (f12 for instance). What would be the
    syntax to use to do that?



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    oops. bummer. Do you really NEED the space bar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icarus
    Do you really NEED the space bar?
    duh! space bar... need it... important... will die without...

    plutonito- sorry no idea. try to call up apple and see what they have to say. I gotta tell u, using F12 as a substitute for the space bar would be a bit hard to get used to...

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    I know you need a space bar, but you can do lots of stuff without long as you aren't doing anything that requires the keyboard...

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    Space Bar Not Working
    Hey plutonito,
    I don't know if your still around but I have the same problem... well my girlfriend does. She spilled something on her ibook and pretty much zapped it dead. I took it apart and and cleaned it thuroughly and.. shazzam, it came back to life... The space bar was the only thing doing something wierd. It would get stuck every now and then. I took the key face off to clean it again. After that it stopped working entirely. :-0

    I've double checked against my Powerbook keyboard to see if I put the key face on right and I cannot see a difference. So, I don't know what to do.

    Just thought I'd share your pain.


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    I did that to a Compaq notebook (it was the enter key and a couple next to it), took the keys off, shaked it a bit, put it back, and it worked.

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    I think you can order a new keyboard for the iBooks, they just snap in and out. Give Apple a call...
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    space key does not work
    Yea, I think thats the ticket.


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