hello all!
ok, so i had this wise idea, that should i need to run a windows program, i could hook my windows laptop (spare) to my mac.

The way i thought I may be able to do this was by using my elgato eyetv inputs. As i've ran games through my mac before using the splitter that plugs into the side of the eyetv usb device i thought hey, seeing as its a tv basically, why cant it run as if it were a projector?

So i bought a vga - 3 pin RCA connector, and presumed that i would be able to plug the vga connector into the windows computer, and plug the rca spliter into eyetv and then use my mac as a display.....but it would not seem so. I've tried all the cables etc.. and nothing is coming through on the display, is this because its simply not possible, or, could i need to be doing something extra?

Thanks all