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    Considering a Mac... hopefully
    Thinking of buying a bluetooth mouse... not the mighty mouse
    So I've heard bad things about the Mighty Mouse and how the scroll ball stops working. So I was looking for a mouse that would utilize the bluetooth feature in the Macbook.
    1) Do you recommend bluetooth mouse? I've heard they tend to jump around a lot after moving the mouse. Also I've heard that it interferes with my wireless connection.
    2) What bluetooth mouse do you recommend. My budget is under $50. I'm thinking about the Logitech V470.
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    I'm not too sure about which bluetooth mouse is good but I DO know that the scroll ball problem can be fixed by simply blowing in it. You shouldn't ever have to do this with a mouse that costs as much as the mighty mouse does, but it may be worth it...
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    I have had very good luck with a Logitech V270. Never a problem.

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    I'm also thinking about getting the v470.. have u got it yet?

    does it jump a lot? does any reccomend/not recommend this mouse?

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