I am looking for an external hard drive to store my video files on that will give me a decently fast transfer rate without compression.

I have a macbook (intel core 2 duo) that has a firewire port (max 400) and an Airport Extreme Base Station w Gigabit Ethernet ports available. I currently have one 320G My Book using the USB port available on the Base Station, and while this works fine for storing & accessing photo and music files stored there, it takes FOREVER to transfer video from/to it. I'm also running out of space quickly storing video files and backup files there so....

I have seen 1TB externals that indicate they have Gigabit Ethernet connections. Would this be faster than one connected via a Firewire 400 port?

Also, I can tell that the wireless connection is MUCH SLOWER than the wired Ethernet connection to the base station. Does anyone happen to know the speed of the wireless connection on this base station off hand?
I'm sure I can find it but....

Thanks in advance!